Mythborn III: Dark Ascension

V. Lakshman


Continuing the award-winning epic of a world where faith and dreams become reality, Mythborn 3 follows Masters Silbane and Kisan, the young blade-master Ash, and Princess Yetteje as they journey into the ethereal realm Arcadia, home to the goddess known as Lady Lilyth and her Aeris Furies.

They search for Silbane’s lost apprentice, Arek, and the prince of Bara’cor, Niall, as the two explore Arcadia for clues to the mystery of Arek’s origin. Is Arek the son of Lady Lilyth, as she claims?

Arrayed against Lilyth and her Aeris forces are the warforged elves of the ancient archmage, Valarius Galadine. Because of the beliefs of the people of Edyn, Valarius has become more god than man, and prepares to wage a cataclysmic war to eradicate the Aeris once and for all.

Silbane uses his gift of dragon-sight, hoping to find his wayward apprentice before it’s too late. Kisan has other orders – kill Arek before he can destroy the world with the blackfire, even if that means killing Silbane too.

Who does Arek trust? The demon queen claiming to be his mother, the masters ordered to kill him, or the elven archmage-turned-god who will wreak havoc upon Edyn?

Arek must uncover the truth from behind the lies and unlock his full potential as an adept, or he and his friends will never escape the demon realm of Arcadia alive.


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Launch date9th July 2013

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